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Investment philosophy

Our quality growth investment approach

NS Partners’ investment philosophy rests on a belief that liquidity and the supply and demand for equity drives markets.


We believe that companies generating an improving rate of economic profit will exhibit superior long-term share price performance.


As a research-driven active manager of global equities, we combine bottom-up
fundamental company analysis with industry, sector, and regional analyses. Our
investment style is core with a quality growth bias, and predominantly large cap.


We utilize the stock-picking skills of each of our managers in their respective areas of specialization to
identify companies with distinct competitive advantages that are generating a high or improving
return on invested capital, with good earnings momentum.

Emphasis is placed on macro liquidity analysis
for assessing the broad market environment
and prospects for regional performance.

We maintain a strategic bias to those
companies, industries and countries that

have superior long-term growth potential.

Our overall objective is to maximize
exposure to the best market
opportunities while keeping portfolios
within acceptable risk tolerance levels
and ensuring proper diversification

of investment ideas.

To consistently add value through
all phases of the market cycle, we
believe it is necessary to have a process
that is systematic and disciplined. All
components of portfolio construction
are considered carefully.


NS Partners Ltd.
December 7th, 2021