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Strategy Commentaries

Review each strategy’s performance and positioning during the quarter and near-term outlook. To view our latest commentaries please click the links below:


Quarterly Liquidity

Insights from our investment team on factors affecting recent market performance plus near-term outlook.


Money Moves Markets

Regular updates from Economist and Strategist Simon Ward on global monetary trends and their implications for economic and market prospects.


Simon Ward
Economist & Strategist

Simon is responsible for liquidity and economic analysis. Liquidity signals influence country, sector and style allocation.


Monetary trends forecast the direction of the economy six to 12 months ahead. Money growth in excess of the rate required to support economic expansion is associated with an increase in demand for financial assets and upward pressure on their prices (“money moves markets”).


Simon Ward joined NS Partners (then WorldInvest) in 1994. He previously worked at Lombard Street Research, a leading independent “monetarist” forecasting firm. He has degrees in economics and finance from Cambridge and London (Birkbeck) Universities.