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UK recession gauge in red zone before Q2 rate hikes

June 28, 2023 by Simon Ward

A recession likelihood gauge placing weight on monetary variables indicates a high probability of a contraction in UK GDP / gross value added (GVA) over the remainder of 2023. 

The indicator, regularly referenced in posts here, is based on a model that generates projections for the four-quarter change in GVA three quarters in advance using current and lagged values of a range of monetary and financial inputs. 

Using data up to June 2022, the model assigned a 70% probability to the four-quarter change in GVA being negative in Q1 2023. The current ONS estimate of this change is +0.2%. 

UK Gross Value Added (% yoy) & Recession Probability Indicator. Source: Refinitiv Datastream.

The probability reading rises to 96% incorporating data through March 2023, i.e. there is a 96% likelihood of the four-quarter change in GVA in Q4 2023 being negative, according to the model. 

The statistical analysis underlying the model indicates that GDP prospects are significantly influenced by movements in real narrow money (non-financial M1) and real corporate broad money (M4). Six-month rates of change of these measures have moved deeper into negative territory since mid-2022. 

The model’s increased pessimism also reflects a deepening inversion of the yield curve and falling real house prices. Other inputs include credit spreads and local share prices, which have yet to display recession-scale weakness.

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June 28th, 2023